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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to put in a bridal veil

Check out our video on how to put a bridal veil into you hair style.

We like to try your veil on at your trial but if you forget to bring it we like to explain the process. We educate your bridesmaids on how to put in the veil and what to be careful of.

A few pointers;

  • talk to your hairstylist about which way the comb needs to go for the desired hairstyle and/or position of the veil.
  • test where the veil will go and the length it will fall at the front
  • use a base to pin into and talk to your stylist about how to remove as it can effect how it is put in
  • explain in detail to your partner or father or who ever is lifting the veil at the alter on how to put the veil back so not to smudge your make-up or fluff your hair (get them to check out this video with tips and pictures at the end)
  • make sure your chief bridesmaid checks your veil when it is moved so it doen't stick out in the picture
  • always get extra pins for touch ups to the hair or veil
  • always use your hand to protect hair and face from the veil

I hope these tips are helpful for your on your special day!

Sarah Courtney
assistant salon manager

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