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Saturday, 11 January 2014

How to prepare you hair for your wedding, formal or special event!

It is important to plan a schedule for your hair for your special occasion.

Our job as hairdressers is to make you feel comfortable and less stressed. It is important you have trust in your stylist and get to know them and look at pictures of their work. It is important to have an idea of what you like and don't like. Bring ideas of styles and talk with them as they should be able to design a style to suit your face shape, style of dress and vision that you and your stylist has created.  

This is what plan I suggest.........

12 months before

  1. In some cases wedding and formal season can be very busy so you need to book or at least talk to a stylist about booking and time frames
  2. Look at pictures prior or with a stylist to look at length requirements. Extensions may be required as well as hair padding. Get the right information to be prepared and to budget.

6 Months before

  1. Plan on what colour you want and if you are changing hair have pictures to show your stylist and ask how long it will take to get there (eg dark hair to blonde can take 6-12 months to lighten and get to the colour you like).
  2. Organise a trial for your hair and make-up. Best to do for a special occasion or if you can try on your dress to see full picture. If you don't normally have nails, waxing or tanning you should trial these things now to avoid reactions and get used to things like nails. (NB. DO NOT wash your hair prior to the hair trial. Wash two nights before and ask your stylist what works best for the selected style. this makes a smoother end result and more manageable hair).

3 months before

  1. Look at the condition of your hair and start a treatment program. Conditioning treatments can help the strength and add shine to your hair as well as having a trim at this time to avoid split ends. This makes the style/curls look better.
  2. Also look at t a time to book your hair colour and beauty services such as waxing, tans, nails and pedicure.
  3. Order or plan for your hair extensions to be ordered and coloured if needed. Speak with your stylist prior.
1-2 weeks before

  1. It is best to get your hair coloured 1-2 weeks before. one week before is best but no more than two and no less than one. This ensures no regrowth if done too soon and allows time for colour to settle or change or adjust prior to event. 
  2. If you want to have hair extensions it should also be done at this time. Clip in extensions are a great alternative to add fullness and give the illusion of more hair without the maintenance. Remember you may have to order them before this time.
  3. Be sure to have a small trim at his time as the ends of any style/ curls will be neater and look better. 
  4. Waxing is best done about 1 week prior so to be rid of wax residue. The residue of wax may affect you spray tan.

1-3 days before

  1. This is the time to have beauty services such as nails, lash tinting or lash extensions and tan. 
  2. This is when you should last wash your hair. If you are having curls or an upstyle it works best when the hair has natural oil to smooth and is more manageable for your stylist. It is great to even have a shampoo and blow dry at your salon so your  stylist can blow dry more fullness and product into your hair to be more manageable on the day. If you are having a blow dry (shorter hair) you may need to wash or a style having lots of volume. your stylist will instruct you in special circumstances if it needs to be washed prior to an upstyle. (NB if you have lash extensions you can not get them wet straight aware so talk to your beauty and hair stylist when booking)
  1. Have dry hair unless instructed otherwise (or having a blow dry)
  2. Have no make-up on but a freshly washed face with moisturiser
  3. Have spare bobby pins (you may be given touch up pins)
  4. Have touch up lipstick (you can purchase from your make-up artist to get the best colour match to your make-up palette)
  5. Have touch up hair spray (travel size great to take with you- ask your stylist)
  6. Let your stylists know if anything needs adjusting

Oh and....................
HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to send your stylist and make-up artist pictures of your day! It is wonderful to see the end result when it has all come together!!!

Written By Sarah Courtney from Urban Hi-Lights

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